Service Workshops

Course Description:

Goal: To teach the concepts and tools of Lean Six Sigma as they apply to the ever-growing service sector. We have witnessed tremendous success of Lean and Six Sigma methods and tools in the manufacturing sector and now, for the first time ever, the Lean Sigma methods and tools are translated and made available for to deliver phenomenal success for service organizations. This workshop will present a practical approach to Lean Six Sigma to improve the customer experience and reduce costs in service industries. The goal is to provide insight for service providers regarding how to improve overall service flow and customer satisfaction, while increasing productivity and improving the bottom-line.


Upon completion, participants will:
  1. Learn a systematic approach to select the optimal improvement objectives based on your business needs
  2. Identify the core set of improvement objectives and methods that all business leaders can apply
  3. Design and implement structured continuous improvement and problem-solving processes
  4. Identify and implement important Lean Sigma tools to accomplish performance improvement
  5. Set aggressive and reasonable performance improvement goals
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