Office Workshops

Course Description:

Goal: To teach participants to implement a system to effectively identify and eliminate all types of waste that exists in an administrative environment.  The Lean Office workshop is an on-site, highly engaging, results-driven application of the practices and principles derived from the Toyota Production System (i.e., Lean) as well as the methodology of Six Sigma.  The Lean Six Sigma tools of value stream mapping, kaizen, takt time, pitch, standard work, continuous flow, leveling, runners,Voice of the Customer, process capability, plus numerous others will be thoroughly explained and applied to team projects throughout the workshop.  Examples of these tools from successful Lean Six Sigma administrative applications will be provided allowing teams with additional insight into how Lean Sigma can be applied to their project. All workshops will be facilitated by a Lean Sensei and Black Belt.


Upon completion, participants will:
  1. Understand Lean and Six Sigma tools and concepts relative to administrative processes
  2. Create a value stream map
  3. Identify areas of wastes and create a first pass future state map
  4. Determine appropriate Lean and Six Sigma tools to be used for implementation
  5. Learn how to conduct a Kaizen Event for your organization
Please contact for a more detailed course description and initiate communications with the instructor.