Financial Workshops

The Lean for Financial Services workshop is an on-site, highly engaging, results-driven application of the practices and principles derived from the Toyota Production System (i.e., Lean). Teams of 5-7 employees (at a maximum of 5 teams per workshop site) must be available for the entire five day kaizen event. The Lean tools of value stream mapping, kaizen, takt time, pitch, standard work, continuous flow, leveling, runners, plus numerous others will be thoroughly explained and applied to team projects throughout the workshop. Examples of these tools from successful Lean administrative applications from Wells Fargo, Midwest Finance and Mortgage, Edward Jones, and other financial institutions will be provided allowing teams with the additional insight into how Lean can be applied to their project. All workshops will be facilitated by a Lean Office Sensei. A Sensei is Japanese for “teacher” or “one who has gone before”.