The Simply Lean Kaizen Worksheets


The Simply Lean Kaizen Worksheets allow you to customize the tools, concepts, and practices demonstrated in The Simply Lean Pocket Guide. These 21 electronic worksheets will allow your Kaizen Events to be more effective in communicating the entire process.

Delivered as customizable Excel worksheets.

The worksheets included are:

  1. Idea Kaizen Form
  2. Effective Meeting Evaluation Worksheet
  3. Problem Identification Worksheet
  4. Data Check Sheet
  5. Brainstorming Worksheet
  6. Fishbone
  7. 5 Why Analysis
  8. Flowchart Worksheet
  9. Managing Change Checklist
  10. Countermeasures Kaizen Log
  11. Failure Prevention Analysis Worksheet
  12. Training Plan Worksheet
  13. Impact Map Worksheet
  14. Impact Map
  15. Standard Work Guidelines Worksheet
  16. Performance Measurement Worksheet
  17. Yokoten Worksheet
  18. Kaizen Event Preparation Schedule (1)
  19. Kaizen Event Preparation Schedule (2)
  20. Kaizen Event Daily Review
  21. Kaizen Event Scoreboard

Price: $10.00

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