Kaizen Demystified Worksheets


The Kaizen Demystified Worksheets allow you to customize the tools, concepts, practices, and worksheets demonstrated in the Kaizen Demystified book. These 46 electronic worksheets will allow for an effective and efficient application of engaging people in a Kaizen Event.

Delivered as customizable Excel worksheets.

The worksheets included are:

  1. Waste Audit
  2. Waste Walk
  3. A3 Report (Lean Thinking Questions)
  4. A3 Report (Chapter and Tool References)
  5. A3 Report (blank)
  6. Kaizen Event Summary Matrix
  7. Summary Quick Checklist
  8. Kaizen Event Proposal
  9. Team Charter
  10. Meeting Information Form
  11. Meeting Evaluation Worksheet
  12. Cycle Time Table
  13. Document Tagging Worksheet
  14. PDCA Kaizen Activity Worksheet
  15. Project Prep Status
  16. Kick Off
  17. Daily Recap
  18. Summary
  19. Standard Planning Phase Checklist
  20. Action Item Log
  21. Standard PDCA Phase Checklist
  22. Weekly Project Dashboard
  23. Monthly Project Dashboard
  24. Gemba Checklist
  25. Kaizen Event Participation Evaluation
  26. Standard Follow-Up Phase Checklist
  27. Rolling Planning Phase Summary
  28. Rolling Planning Phase Checklist
  29. Rolling Time Bucket Matrix
  30. Rolling PDCA Phase Checklist
  31. Rolling Follow-Up Phase Checklist
  32. Web Based Collaboration Matrix
  33. Web Based Planning Phase Checklist
  34. Web Based Follow-Up Phase Checklist
  35. Today's Planning Phase Checklist
  36. Today's PDCA Checklist
  37. Project Scorecard
  38. Today's Follow-Up Checklist
  39. Wiki Determination Worksheet
  40. Wiki Event Proposal
  41. Wiki PDCA Activity Worksheet
  42. Sharing Worksheet
  43. Conflict Resolution Worksheet
  44. Decision Making Matrix
  45. Trust Building Self-Assessment
  46. Trust Building Colleague Assessment

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