The Practical Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide XL – Using the A3 and Lean Thinking to Improve Operational Performance in ANY Industry, ANY Time!


By: Rob Ptacek, Todd Sperl, Jayant Trewn (PhD),and Deborah Salimi (PhD)

The Practical Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide XL bridges the gap between a highly quantitative analysis of a process that requires extensive training (i.e., Six Sigma certification) and a more simplified approach that can be used and understood by the masses (i.e., Lean thinking).  This book make the methods and tools of Lean and Six Sigma accessible to more people and provide a common sense or “practical” approach to problem solving and continuous improvement.

Over 40 of the most common Lean Sigma tools are clearly define with a step-by-step approach, checklists, forms and worksheet examples, as well as case study examples from office/service (administrative), retail, healthcare, financial, travel services, and manufacturing.  The broad examples will allow employees to fully understand the “practicality” and universal application these tools provide.  Therefore, with that information, the ability to apply the tool or concept to their processes will be that much more successful.

The tools are aligned within the (Prepare) D-M-A-I-C and A3 Project Report format to ensure a structured methodology is referenced. This significant alignment ensures the importance of Lean Thinking (via the A3 Project Report) be prevalent throughout the learning.

Each section concludes with Lean Thinking Statements to ensure a thorough understanding occurs prior to continuation.  The Practical Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide XL provides guidance in the proper selection (and suggested use) of the most common Lean Sigma tools, all within an improvement and A3 reporting format.

Different improvement methodologies that organizations may already be using to meet customer requirements and performance goals are recognized and mentioned.  We acknowledge that all have their benefits.  It is important to select the one that fits the organization and will be widely used.  The methodology should be easy to understand and implement, actively engage the employees, and provide a visual management structure for sustaining continuous improvement initiatives.

Spiral Bound - 5.5" x 8.5" - 280 pages, Key Lean Six Sigma Tools Well Defined - Case Studies, Digital Photos/Examples for all Lean Sigma Tools - Readiness Guides - A3 Lean Thinking Statements - Aligned with D-M-A-I-C and A3 Project Report formats - Glossary - Index


Price: $17.95

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