The Practical Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide for Healthcare – Tools for the Elimination of Waste in Hospitals, Clinics, and Physican Group Practices


By: Todd Sperl, Rob Ptacek, Jayant Trewn PhD

This book bridges the gap between a highly quantitative analysis of a process that requires extensive training (i.e., Six Sigma certification) and a more simplified approach that can be used and understood by the masses (i.e., Lean thinking). The goal of this book is to make the methods and tools of Lean and Six Sigma accessible to more people and provide a common sense or “practical” approach to problem solving and continuous improvement. This book is intended to be used by Sigma Belt Levels, Lean Senseis (i.e., teachers), Continuous Improvement Specialists, front-line managers, and supervisors of departments and work groups, and improvement team members in their efforts to improve the patient care experience while reducing waste and variation in all types of healthcare processes. The Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts are presented relative to the A3 Report to provide a definitive how-to guide to problem solving and continuous improvement (Kaizen) initiatives.

The Practical Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide for Healthcare is designed as a convenient, quick reference, and, most importantly, a step-by-step implementation guide. You can put your finger on any tool within a matter of seconds! Use the book as follows:

- Navigate the Prepare - Define - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control right side book tabs.

- Complete the A3 Project Report as you learn and apply the various tools on the project by:

1. Go to the tab in the book that corresponds to the D-M-A-I- C Phase you are working on.

2. Read about the tools for that phase of your project.

3. Apply the appropriate tools.

4. Complete the relevant section of the A3 Project Report.

5. Repeat 1 - 4 as you navigate through the phases and complete your project.

The tools are presented in the logical order relative to the D - M - A - I - C Phases and A3 (Project) Report format; keep in mind that many tools can be used repeatedly across the phases. For example, the value stream map introduced in the Define Phase and A3 Report - 2. Current State will most likely be used in the Improve Phase and A3 Report - 5. Future State; the Run Chart introduced in the Analyze Phase will most likely be used (or updated) in the Control Phase, and so forth.



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