Lean Six Sigma for Service Training Set


By: Rob Ptacek and Jaideep Motwani, PhD.

The Lean Six Sigma for Service Training Set is your complete set of materials for conducting training on the tools and concepts of Lean and Six Sigma as applied to all types of service industries. With over 300+ PowerPoint slides, each tool is thoroughly explained with examples from a wide range of service industries as well as administrative and desktop processes within those organizations. Use this Training Set to customize and add/remove examples and photos as you deem appropriate. No training program that is purchased can be exactly what you want, therefore, it is expected this set be customized.

Included in this Training Set are the following items:
1 - CD with PowerPoint files available for customization
PDF Instructor Notes file referencing supporting materials (books) and key sections
5S and Value Stream Mapping Activities (plus other activities throughout)
Lean Six Sigma Jeopardy Game
Lean Simulation detailed instructions
Lean Sigma for Service Excellence and Gap Analysis (Excel)
Transformation Case Study
100+ Photos and Examples of Lean Sigma Tools

A MUST HAVE training set if your organization is a service provider, and quite honestly, what organization isn’t?


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