Kaizen Demystified – A Practical and Systematic Method of Evaluating Circumstances to Use the Most Efficient and Effective Type of Kaizen to Improve Processes


By: Jayant Twewn (PhD), Todd Sperl, Rob Ptacek, and Deborah Salimi (PhD)

We are pleased to present Kaizen Demystified, perfectly timed for today s ever-changing and ever-demanding business environment requiring improved processes. Whether your industry is manufacturing, healthcare, financial, education, armed forces, services, government, or the construction industry, or, you are a manager, supervisor, team leader, or a front-line worker, this book will provide new insights and ideas for managing and facilitating continuous improvement and problem solving projects (i.e., Kaizen Events). Kaizen Demystified provides a simple and practical approach detailing five distinct methods on how Lean (and Six Sigma) tools and concepts can quickly and efficiently be applied and managed to solve business problems and improve processes. The five types of Kaizen Events detailed in this book are the: (1) Standard 5 Day Kaizen Event, also referred to as a Kaizen Blitz or Rapid Improvement Event, (2) Rolling Kaizen Event, (3) Web Based Kaizen Event, (4) Today's Kaizen Event, and (5) Wiki (or Quick) Kaizen Event. Each type will be thoroughly explained to demystify what it may mean for you.

Kaizen Event Leadership is thoroughly explored in a separate chapter/section that relates to all types of Kaizen Events. It provides a listing of the common issues facing the leader of a Kaizen Event as well as suggested how-to leadership skills to address those issues. This is one of the most important aspects of leading any type of Kaizen Event.

Kaizen Demystified will certainly support, supplement, and/or enhance your current Kaizen or Lean thinking and, most importantly, the doing and sustaining. In the end, there will be no mystery!

Don't go Lean without it!

Perfect Bound, 5.5" x 7.5", 426 pages, 50+ Worksheets, Guidelines, Checklists, etc., Detailed Case Studies for Each Kaizen Event Type, Glossary, and Index



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