Today’s Lean! Using 5S to Organize and Standardize Areas and Files


By: Rob Ptacek and Jaideep Motwani, Ph.D.

Today’s Lean! Using 5S to Organize and Standardize Areas and Files is another book from the Today’s Lean! series published by MCS Media, Inc.  It has been suggested by you, our readers, that you would like Lean and Six Sigma information to be more succinct and at your fingertips, thus allowing for a single tool or concept to be easily accessible (i.e., as a pocket guide and not a manual).  Therefore, the Today’s Lean! series of books provide:

1.  Concise content on a one main Lean or Six Sigma tool or concept
2.  Numerous case studies, worksheets, and examples from all types of industries
3.  Availability as a pocket guide or ebook
4.  A standard format
5.  An avenue to update content immediately via your feedback and input (via ebook updates)
6.  An inspiration for you to implement something similar

At the heart of any Lean Sigma improvement initiative are some fundamental principles that should be in place to ensure a long-term commitment to the process.  Some of these principles are management commitment and involvement, easy access to the improvement tools for the front-line worker, engagement of that employee or front-line worker of the process being examined, and the What’s In It For Me? answered.  To address these principles, (except the management commitment and involvement, which is an entirely separate issue) this pocket handbook was created.

Many Lean and Six Sigma tools inter-relate and rarely will only one Lean tool be used.  So, why you might ask are these tools being “separated” into individual topics?  It is because we have realized that many Lean and Six Sigma tools also are fairly simple to understand and most people can make the “common-sense” connection to a specific improvement activity once the basics of a tool is explained.

Today’s Lean! Using 5S to Organize and Standardize Areas and Files provides the following:

1.  A standard communication platform for each step or phase of 5S
2.  Examples (i.e., photos, forms, worksheets, etc.) of 5S practices from a wide range of industries, as well as the physical areas and electronic or Desktop areas
3.  Easy 1-2-3… steps as a guide for implementation
4.  A 5S Needs Assessment
5.  A 5S Audit
6.  Detailed case studies on how a few organizations used the 5S tool in their Lean journey

It is with great pleasure to present the Today’s Lean! series and this particular book on 5S.  Please let us know any additional Lean or Six Sigma topics or enhancements to this particular book that may be of value in this format or if you have any other ideas on how continuous improvement information can be presented.  We are making these books and resources available in a Just-In-Time format with the information being “pulled” by you, our reader.

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